Constant Profits Club Review

Is Constant Profits Club the solution to both quick online profits and long-term passive income? That is the tagline of this new system/course by Andrew Hansen and Sarah Young. However, does it deliver? And more importantly will it work for you? Find out as I investigate it inside the review below.

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Inside Constant Profits Club

constant profits clubSo what is Constant Profit Club and how is it differ from 99% of the systems out there?

First of all, unlike most systems that focus on either short-term or long-term profits, CPC does both. This way you have the ability to earn back the initial investment you made to get Constant Profit club quickly and then invest the rest into self sustaining income model by Andrew Hansen.

Which is a win-win situation, or is it?

You see, Constant Profits club is not some “get rich quick” scam or “push button riches” promise.  If you’re looking for something like that, good luck. I, like many and maybe even you, have wasted too much time and money on such lies.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to slave over your computer 12 hours a day to make a profit. The real secret of Constant Profits Club is working smarter and not harder. This is evident in the 2 parts of the system I review below.

Part 1: Profit Within 3 Hours

FreelancerYou already know that it is possible to earn quickly with CPC from the video series. In fact, you can start earning real income from the comfort of your home in less than 3 hours from now.  In the training inside Sarah Young laid out a complete strategy on how to get well paying freelance projects quickly.

Best part? You can do them yourself or go a step further and outsource the work to someone else. The Constant Profits System has a list of some of the best outsources out there. This way you can earn even 50% of the commissions by only being the middleman. I do this myself on multiple platforms, including fiverr, and will show you how to do it as well inside the bonus below.

For example I already earned $504 from Fiverr this and it is only March 8th.  Not bad for outsourcing all of the work for next to nothing.


Yhat is why the first part is great for anyone that wants to start earning money today, and have the peace of mind that it works. Once you realize that earning online doesn’t have to be hard, part two will be the obvious next step.

Part 2: The Multiple $5K to $10K streams of Income

passive-incomeThis is what good chunk of the course focuses one. The ability to create website or web properties that produce passive income with little to no maintenance after the initial work.

So let’s break down the process now:

  • Establishing Niche Business – Andrew Hansen is a genius at uncovering new profit opportunities in online niches. Inside the course he will guide you know to pick a market you that will be a right fit for you and make you tons of commissions.
  •  Website Setup – Learn the proper, yet simple website setup that is proven to convert. Or you can even use the tested outsourcer inside the course for $20 per site. It is your choice.
  • Content Creation –  Andrew goes into proper content creation, and what you need to do differently in 2016 to maximize conversion rates. However, you can outsource this part as well.
  • Traffic Generation – The modules dealing with traffic are without a doubt one of my favorites. Especially considering how Andrew Hansen included a great amount of free traffic sources that can be used as soon as your site is done.
  • SEO – Good part of the course also covers powerful search engine optimization strategies that give you not only the best converting visitors, organic traffic, but also the authority and trust that comes from a first page ranking.
  • Scaling – This focuses on growing and expanding your site or sites. One golden nugget shows you how to increase traffic with just a simple change.
  • Advanced Training – Last but not least deals with analytics,testing, and split-testing to get the maximum ROI possible.

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Extra: 10 Live Weekly Coaching Sessions

live coachingOn top of all the training videos Andrew Hansen and Sarah Young are going to be doing 10 live training sessions on each part of the course which you will be able attend for free. This is a big deal considering most charge up to $500 for just one 2 hour coaching sessions.

During this training you will be able to ask any questions you might have about the course, training or just get a  expert opinion on your niche or site.

The Constant Profits Bonus: 4 Traffic Sources + Your Own Service

website trafficHow can you make a great course better? Offer a way to get even more free or almost free traffic. After all, traffic is the bloodline of any business and you cannot have enough of it.

So here are my 4 traffic sources I use.

Bonus 1: Unlimited Free Traffic – This is the only free method that I know which deliver traffic within minutes. Find out how 5 to 10 minutes of work can bring you up to 300 visitors per day on demand. Value $599

Bonus 2: Piggyback Traffic – One of the most underground methods on how to turn $5 per month into thousands of highly targeted visitors from almost any niche in the world. Value $799

Bonus 3: 15 Minutes SEO – Find out how just 15 minutes of SEO can help your site rank for low to mid competition keywords quickly. This strategy alone will allow you to rank multiple sites per week to scale your income fast. Value $1,999

Bonus 4: Done For You SEOHow did you find my review site? You probably found it by searching for Constant Profits Club, or a related term. So as bonus 4 I want to rank your website on the first page of any search engine you want, at no cost to you. How does that sound? $2,999+

Special Bonus: Start Your Own Service – Find out how you can earn 50% or more while outsourcing all the work. In fact, I know outsources with gigs you can resell on other platforms and double the prices.

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The Final Thought About Constant Profit Club

ActionWhen I first learned about this new system by Andrew and Sarah I thought it was just another way to make an income online. Which is good, but often not enough. However, as I learned more about the course, saw real proof from students, and started to implement the strategies myself, I knew this was much more than just a income system.

The Constant Profits Club allows you to completly change your life within 6 months. I’m talking about starting something real, a self running online business that gives you both time and financial freedom to live your life as you want it.

Don’t believe me? Just check out what one of my sites, that was created using the same methods as CPC,  made in February, 2016.

income proof

Just imagine what $5,000 or $10,000 pet month can do for you and the ones you love? This can be a reality thanks to the CPC system. There are no more excuses as you can start earning money today.

So what are you waiting for? Take action and get Constant Profits Club with my bonuses by clicking below now.

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