Convertri Review – Best LeadPages and ClickFunnels Alternative?

Did you know that you lose 7% of conversions every second your page takes to load? Find out how Convertri can increase your funnel conversion rate by just using the accelerated page technology.  Check out the full review for more details.

Creator: Andre Fletcher
Official Site:
Price: Limited time only $297 lifetime license
or $37/month or $247/year

Why Speed Matters?

decrease-web-page-load-timeThese days everything online seems to move at a speed of light. You go to websites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and you want, or even expect, to have instant results. No buffering on videos, loading images or waiting for your favorite song to start playing.

Now imagine yourself as just regular online user that is used to these speeds and you suddenly hit on a page that takes 2, 3 or more seconds to load. How long would you wait before clicking back or typing in some other website?

to give you an idea most people wait around 3 seconds before deciding to give it a rest. No wonder conversion rates go down by 7% every second your page doesn’t load. That means in just 10 seconds you already lost 70% of conversions.

Convertri: Much More Than Just Speed

convertriI’ll be honest, the number one reason I was interested in Convertri was the speed.I already tried some of the other platforms, including LeadPages and ClickFunnels, and from my test the loading speed was one of the biggest factor.

In fact, I was so obsessed with speed i considered getting a $200 or $300 per moth cloud hosting just to get those 95+ scores at Google page test.Luckily Comvertri came along and solved all my speed problems plus offered something much better.

The True Drag-N-Drop Page Builder

page builder

From my experience most marketers and people that are not web designers by trade are visual people. Most of us don’t have time or energy to learn code, or simply don’t want to build pages by hand.

There are plenty of platforms that offer pre-created pages, templates or some kind of building software, but most of these very limited and over-used. Even the so called drag and drop are broken down into columns and rows.

Convertri on the other hand has no limitation. It is all free hand and optimized to work on any browser and mobile device. So in a sense you can create anything you want, even if you have no idea about web design, and have it Convertri optimize it perfectly.

What Do You Get With Convertri

So on the top of the instant page load and unlimited page building capabilities with templates and drag-n-drop technology  you also get:

  • Optin pages, sales pages, and complete funnel templates in several niches created by professional designers.
  • True mobile-responsive as pages automatically optimized and not just ported from the desktop
  • Multiple build-in countdown timers to choose from
  • 2 step optin that features micro commitments to increase conversion rates
  • Separated publishing so your pages will stay safe 100% of the time
  • Advanced analytic and split-testing that allows you to pick only the winners and drop the losing pages.
  • Multiple integration to the most popular services.

As you can see Convertri offers the complete package for all you hosting and page building needs. No need buy hosting, third-party building tools or platforms, and most importantly no more monthly fees. You get all of it and speed like you speed below for a one time fee.

test speed

Why Convertri – Why Now?

A popular saying goes “If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards” and this is especially true online where everything moves at a faster pace. So if you’re not constantly creating or improving your funnels, you’re moving backwards and letting everyone else pass you. As without optimization there is no growth and you can’t optimize without the proper tools.

That is why Convertri is from now on the only page builder I’ll use for all of my opt-in and sale funnels. And if you”re serious about your business I suggest you do the same. After all who doesn’t want a 25% conversion rate boost?

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