Influencer Marketing Academy Review – Doors Close Today

Did you know that 74% of people turn to social networks for guidance on purchase decisions? Find out how you can use that to build and grow your own business with Dan Dasilva’s Influencer Marketing Academy.

Creator: Dan Dasilva
Price: $1,297 (or 3 payments of $497)
Official Site: (also an order page)

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livewebinarIMA Is Closing Today (1.16.17) at Midnight!

closing downThis is it, your last chance to be a part of this great new online movement of influential marketing. If you didn’t read my review, you can still do that below to find out what it is all about, and the part it plays in the changing internet marketing space.

Are you ready for 2017? Do you have game plan to make it the best year ever, or at least better then 2016? Or you just want to wait until Influencer Marketing Academy opens in 2018?

The have until midnight to decide or just Click Here to get started now.

What is Influencer Marketing Anyway?

influencerIt is a form of marketing that focuses on having influencers, or key people in your niche or market, to spread your brand’s message for you. Best part? If you associate yourself with enough influencer in your niche, you’ll become one as well.

Let’s just look at some of the facts about Infleuncer Marketing:

  • 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they would recommendations from friends – BirghtLocal
  • 84% of marketers said they would launch at least one influencer campaign within the next twelve months – eMarketer
  • 51% of marketers believe they acquire better customers through influencer marketing –  Tomoson
  • 49% of people say they rely on recommendations from influencers when making purchase decisions – Adweek
  • 40% of people say they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer – Adweek

Are these number surprising? Now if you combine these with the fact that:

  1. 96% of people believe that the advertising industry does not act with integrity – IPSOS
  2. 47% of online costumers use ad blockers (70% of millennials) – Digital News Report

You can see why influencer marketing is the fastest growing way of getting new customers online.  People are just sick and tired of ads and clearly don’t trust them. No wonder why Google Trends shows IM on a constant rise.

One of the things about eCommerce is that you can combine several systems. For example 100k Factory Revolution is another great one.

Just take a look how it perform vs paid and search engine marketing.



In fact, according to Google search only around 50 people search for Inlfuencer Marketing per month back in 2013. Now on the other hand, it is over 18,500 per month. That’s 370 times more people searching for it online.

With influencer marketing you’re removing the possibility of having your promotions stopped by ad blockers. On top of that you’re always going to get better results by promoting through influencer that has trust, authoirty and other people following him, then simply buying ads.

However, what is the best way to use this type of marketing?

eCom + Influencer Marketing Academy

ecom-niche-storeWhile influencer marketing can be used in any promotion if done right, you always see celebrities doing sponsored posts, eCommerce seem to be the most profitable option. Why? Because if you use an influencer you’ll not only getting direct sales, but also building your own store/brand and becoming an influencer yourself.

This is exactly what Dan Dasilva did to gross $500,000 in sales in just 8 months and now he has helped hundreds to do the same. In fact, some of his students hit 5 figures per month in just 30 days.  While other were able to do $100k in 30 days like Harriette.


Intro To Influencer Marketing Academy

Let’s take a look inside Dan Dasilva course in full.


As you can see above the members area is nice and clean. You don’t have tons of ads and upsell like with other courses.  In fact, the Influencer Marketing Academy has no upsells whatsoever.

The course is all you need to go from 0 to $10,000 or more in 30 days or less. That is exactly what some of the students earn. But let’s take a look at the core training, tools, bonus and IMA weekly live training below.


Shopify Basics

If you never had a Shopify store or need to refresh your memory this is where you should start. It covers everything from creating a store, choosing the name, domain and so on.

If you are a Shopify Pro you can probably skup to Section 1.

Section 1 – Influencer Marketing Basic.

In this part you’ll learn the exact steps to go from $0 to $500 per day on autopilot with your very own eCom store. Even if you only have a budget of $30. That means you can take just $30 and 10x it in matter of days.

You can learn all of this with the over the shoulder style videos. Where Dan shows you step by step what to do and how to do it. There is no guest work involved.

Section 2 – Influencer Domination Strategy

Once you get your feet wet it will be time to dominate. I like how Dan doesn’t waste any time and jumps right into building your eCommerce empire and earning 6 figures.

This section also includes the Ad Secrets that have generated $500,000 with influencers in just few months

Section 3 – The Direct Influencer Strategy

One of the thing that made me unsure about Influencer Marketing was the whole idea of contacting influncers. However, Dan Dasilva has worked out a perfect strategy to contact Influencers directly and have them want to run your promos ASAP.

I’m talking about getting views and sales for pennies when using carefully selected influencers.

Section 4 – Connecting With Influencers

This section includes a case studies, tips on how to tap into millions of people and hidden location to get the best influencers for the lowest price.

On top of that Dan reveals a secret strategy that will get 90% of all you traffic, hot and cold, interact with your store.  This is a huge for an ROI.

Downloads, Bonuses, IMA Weekly and Support

Aside from the training you also get access to tools and bonuses that automation, themes and other helpful downloads. On top of that you will get weekly live training with Dan and Anthony to both keep you up the date with the latest news and trends on eCommerce and help you out if you need it live.

My Influencer Marketing Academy Bonus

member-hub-bonusWhat if I told you that you can kickstart your influencer marketing efforts immediately ?I’m talking about 1000 real followers in your niche or market 100% free.

Instead of giving you some lame eBook or a PLR articles as a bonus I decided to  super charge your online career. I’ll personally make sure your Store’s instagram gets at least 1000 real, niche based, followers.

However, this bonus is time sensitive as I can only do a few at a time. So order now, or you might have to be put on a wait list.

The Final Verdict on IMA

opportunity-academy-review-300x300There are hundreds, if not thousands, of eCommerce courses out there. The problem is that most of them are based on outdated techniques like mass and intrusive advertising methods.

Influencer Marketing Academy on the other hand taps into the hottest online trend of the recent years and gets you huge exposure for fraction of the cost.

So do you want to waste time and money on systems that no longer work, or invest $50 and make up to $13k from it?

An opportunity to create 5 or even 6 figure per month business like with Influencer Marketing Academy and my 1000 real instagram followers doesn’t come along often. So don’t let it go to waste, and below grab your piece of the $342 billion eCommerce pie.

Click Here To Get Started and Go To

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